Suspension White Black Seat Monster Hoverkart

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Transform any sized hoverboard swegway into a go kart
Large style seat – even perfect for adults
High Spring performance steering handles
Strong stable hoverkart straps
UK’s most trusted hovercart – over 60,000 sold since 2016.
S-Series by Hoverboard Store.
Monster sized Off Road Wheel
Integrated Suspension Hoverkart

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The best MONSTER suspension hoverkart to transform your hoverboard swegway into a go kart in minutes, the attachment allows hoverboards from 6.5inch to fit up to 10-inch hoverboards. The S series hoverkart is fast, sturdy and fun.

Starting from the durable Monster suspension steering handles, to the high-performance footrest, both hand and feet are comfortable when riding the hoverkart. Allowing fast race moves such as 360 spins, wheelies, and reversing.

With over the years, the S-Series has been engineered to perfection with high quality monster suspension hoverkart straps to attach the hoverboard, to  the off road UK designed hoverkart wheel.

The graffiti seat choices add the final touch, from old black plain seats to the best hoverkart seats in the UK only provided by Hoverboard Store. Simply pick a choice from graffiti yellow or white.

Hoverkart Specifications

  • Twin integrated bar
  • Graffiti Seat
  • 100kg weight limit
  • Adjustable frame to fit different users
  • Perfect children and adults
  • Sturdy Springs
  • EAN 86783921902.


  • Not suitable for children under 3 years old.
  • Only for domestic use.
  • To be used under the direct supervision of an adult.
  • Protective equipment (helmet, knee pads and elbow pads) should be worn, not to be used in traffic.
  • A silicone cover for the hoverboard is advised to protect the hoverboard from scratches – click here to purchase now.


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