Drifter X Steering Wheel Hoverkart

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  • Transform any sized hoverboard swegway into a go kart
  • Large Black Seat
  • 2 Wheels integration
  • Steering wheel design including forward handles
  • Drifting Hoverkart as seen in Hoverboard Discos
  • UK’s only supplier for Drifter X


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The best Drifter X Steering Wheel hoverkart to transform your hoverboard swegway into a go kart in minutes, the attachment allows hoverboards from 6.5inch to fit up to 10-inch hoverboards. The S series hoverkart is fast, sturdy and fun.

It’s simply not an ordinary hoverkart, it’s the ultimate hoverkart with 2 flashing wheel design, steering wheel, simple to steer left and right or even an option for steering handles. The real-life Mario kart is now alive!

With over the years, the Drifter X Steering Wheel has been engineered to perfection with high quality monster suspension hoverkart straps to attach the hoverboard, to the 2-wheel UK designed hoverkart wheel.

Simply stroll and cruise out and be the best with the ultimate hoverkart hoverboard rider, why not add the monster hoverkart to suit the Drifter X Steering Wheel? Click here to view all hoverboards.

Hoverkart Specifications

  • HB integrated bar
  • Wheel handles + HB Seat
  • 100kg weight limit
  • Adjustable frame to fit different users
  • Perfect children and adults
  • Anti-collision bar
  • EAN 86783921902.



  • Not suitable for children under 3 years old.
  • Only for domestic use.
  • To be used under the direct supervision of an adult.
  • Protective equipment (helmet, knee pads and elbow pads) should be worn, not to be used in traffic.
  • A silicone cover for the hoverboard is advised to protect the hoverboard from scratches – click here to purchase now.



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