Hoverboard Store established since 2015, assures all of our hoverboards are CE certified complying to all European electronic rules and regulations. We are a UK authorised company to demonstrate safe and reported hoverboards. Customers are our number one priority.

We have gone through years of safety checks with all of our hoverboards, ensuring quality is at the highest, safest and certified.  Unlike many hoverboard sellers who sell cheap hoverboards with low quality parts, we pride our selves in offering a sustainable price offering the best quality hoverboards for sale in the UK. Do not risk purchasing a non-compliant hoverboard as many companies do not undergo UK tests.

Our hoverboards include:

  • BS Plug complying to the correct regulation – Genuine Fuse 3 Pin
  • Fireproof Casing Genuine 36v Hoverboard Battery
  • Cut off switch, preventing hoverboards to be overcharged.

At hoverboard store we have managed to successfully equip our boards with the latest hi-tech equipment and still haven’t compromised on quality, safety, and assurance.